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Monthly Letter

Dear Friends

As I sit here, fingers poised over keyboard, waiting for inspiration, the thought occurs that logically, in a two-month period there should be twice as much material to use. So there should be much to inspire. Hmm. But the matter uppermost in my mind, for a variety of reasons, is the probability (possibility?) that these two months are likely to be the last ones of the interregnum.

I have found, in previous interregna, that the procedure of appointing a new Vicar is cloaked behind a cloudy curtain – often perforated with hints and little smiles. Oh how the Church likes mystery. But it brings to mind verse 12 of Chapter 13 of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. (Go on! Read it – Chapter 13 is one of my favourite Bible readings). We know little now but, in time we shall know more. Perhaps I have read too much about Bletchley Park and breaking ciphers, but, from the churchwarden’s reports on progress, these ‘little hints and smiles’ and some chance sightings I believe I ‘know in part’; we should have a new Vicar in September. 


So, what does having a new leader mean for us?   Will it affect the way we worship – what we say and how we do it; in what surroundings and with what music – these are vastly important to each individual of our church. It makes the difference between whether we walk out into God’s world feeling we have communicated with Him or trudge out feeling cut-off and perhaps lost. But our perception of worship and how we need to communicate with God changes as we mature as individuals and as a congregation, so change is to be expected; one might also say it is essential to our understanding of God. Our congregation is getting smaller – will our new leader help us become vibrant and busy with worshippers numbering into three figures as two decades ago? The population of the village is greater than it ever has been – to how many have we told the Good News?

If any are worried when they see change about us or hear what is being discussed they should ask to what purpose such change is being considered and give it their consideration. Equally, those pressing for any change should be open to the feelings of those who do not have the same enthusiasm. We must recognise that faith, hope and love abide but love is the greatest. 

But, all leaders need the support of the team! I’m certain that we shall take ours – and more importantly his family – to our hearts; after all, he will be our leader! With two jobs to do he will need our understanding when he is ‘doing his other job’ when we want him with us; and, yes, when inevitably, he finds the jobs stressful.

Until then I hope you have a pleasant summer and a relaxing or invigorating holiday – according to taste – ready to face the challenges of living a Christian life.

Ted Day