8am – A 45-minute communion service from the Book of Common Prayer 1662.  This is a quiet service with no music, using the poetic language of the BCP.  There will be a short sermon, prayers, Bible readings, and the receiving of the bread and wine for communion.

“For me the main attraction of the 8 o’clock BCP service is the beauty and familiar flow of the words, without any distractions.  It provides the tranquillity to immerse oneself in profound contemplation and release oneself from the concerns and worries of everyday life.” 

Zest – A fresh, informal approach to the Christian faith which is appropriate for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.  Zest is a space for those who may not be used to attending church services to explore faith in new ways, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Each 45-minute service has two songs, interactive prayers, a Bible reading, and a free choice of different zones of activity, including craft, colouring, Lego, discussion or quiet reading and reflection. Coffee and refreshments are available at the end.

11am – A communion service using liturgy from Common Worship. It usually lasts just over an hour with a number of hymns, prayers, a 12 to 15-minute sermon, and the chance to receive the bread and wine.  The communion contains some sung responses.

Thursday morning communion at 9.30am – A liturgical communion service using Common Worship lasting approximately 30 minutes.  The service is small and friendly with no singing, but includes prayers, readings and the taking of bread and wine.

Other Services – We also have many other services throughout the year, details of which can be found in the parish notes and parish magazine nearer the time. These include several Easter services, an all souls service, and of course, several family-friendly Christmas services!

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